Friday, March 5, 2010

A Wake Up Call

Nothing like waking up to the house shaking. With all the earthquakes occuring around the world, this was our first thought. But no, it was just the wind.

Those of you from the upper reaches of states like Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Montana will know what I am talking about. The Chinook; that crazy, wild, warm wind that blows and blows until you think it can't blow any harder. Then it blows some more.

The strangest part about a Chinook is its warmth. It feels soft on your cheek even as it tries to tear the clothes off your body and throws everything from under the deck around the neighborhood (yes, we have an assortment of items under our deck. From sleds to shovels to dog bones, it's all there).

Since we live against the Chugach mountains at a curve where two peaks meet and slope down toward our home, we are the lucky beneficiaries of all sorts of weather patterns. Usually the Weather Service can predict and warn before the blowing begins, and in this case they were right on.

I do hope they are wrong about the windspeed, however. The report was for gusts of 90 mph.
The photo above is the view from my office on a tranquil day. This morning I can't even see the trees across the street for the blowing, drifting, spinning snow.

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