Thursday, March 18, 2010

We'll Miss Dan'l Boone

If there were any better heroes for a little boy than Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett, aka Fess Parker, I sure didn't know about it.

Bear heard the theme song to one of Disney's most famous frontier men playing on NPR during dinner. His ears perked up and he said "Who put on my CD?" Yukon and I looked at each other and knew. Fess Parker passed away today at age 85, leaving behind a legacy of calm resiliance combined with tough trapper attitude.

I am so glad generations of little boys (and girls, too) were able to grow up knowing about men who "killed him a bar when he was only three", or who was a "big, big man, with an eye like an eagle...".

The photo above shows Bear dressed up like Daniel Boone for Halloween 2008. We attended a special concert at our downtown performing arts center, and every person over 40 knew who he was. It was the gun that gave him away. Extra points if you know the name...

Godspeed, Fess Parker. From the kids who learned how to wrassle and wrangle but still ultimately rely on diplomacy to accomplish things.

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Gail said...

The gun is Old Betsy. I loved Davy Crockett when I was a kid.