Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, Here We Are Again...

I would imagine that reading about our winter weather is as tedious as living it, but the depth and breadth of stormy weather remains sort of newsworthy. Plus, the photos are cool.

Yukon woke me up this morning around 5:30 to tell me that it was "really snowing outside". Whatever. This is Alaska, and it snows all the time, even in March. He woke me up again about 20 minutes later to say that there was a winter storm warning due to hazardous driving conditions and blowing snow. Hmmm, this was a bit more interesting, so I dragged to the window and looked out. What met my eyes was a cacophony of snow; blowing snow, drifting snow, and rapidly falling snow. So much snow, in fact, that I worried about Yukon's departure for his morning swim (nixed that), and my afternoon radio program.

The newspaper never showed up, and I had received my morning cup of coffee, so all that remained was to saddle up and try and dig the family out of igloo-ness, at least so the dog could navigate the back steps and go outside.

The snow kept falling as I dug my way down the deck stairs and out into the backyard, creating a Trail of Necessity for you-know-who, and then tried to open the back gate to the front. Nope. I clumped up the stairs in my Yak Trax (spikey things I put on the bottom of my rubber boots to keep from slipping) and across the new laminate flooring and around to the front door.

Met with blowing snow sifting into the entryway, I yelled at Yukon to be sure and lock the door behind me, and began the process all over again, this time to at least reach the Expedition at the far end of the driveway.

Eventually Yukon realized he would not have to rush this a.m., and with the two of us rigged out in boots, Carhartts, and snow attire, we managed to unearth the big truck and most of the Old Betsy Explorer, who will be pressed into service today to hopefully aid in my appearance on Alaska Travelgram's afternoon radio show. Yukon departed for the office and I went inside to eat and refortify my caffeine intake.

About an hour ago, my neighbor showed up with his snowblower, and we finished the driveway, started Old Betsy, and managed in the process to bury the South Neighbor's Kia Sportage (I know you are reading this, Neighbors, so don't worry; we'll dig you out later, this was an emergency). The sun tried coming out for a while, but now at Noon the snow has returned with a vengance.

At least on the radio no one can see me in my foul weather gear. But then, this is Alaska, isn't it? No one really cares. Least of all me, at this point.


dorothy said...

I know what you are wearing and I am SO going to tell everyone! (from your friend who learned her fashion sense from her father....enough said - you are safe!)

Natalie said...

That is awesome! So beautiful! Time for a second cup of coffee and a good book, for sure.