Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Go Way Up North

I love my work, for it allows the AK Fam many and varied opportunities to explore a state few manage to cover in the typical week's visit. Last weekend Bear, Yukon and I had the chance to fly up to Fairbanks for a weekend of dog sledding, ice carving, and hot spring-soaking, thanks to the folks at the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The weather was glorious; not too chilly with highs near 20 during the day and dropping down to a balmy -15 at night. Not too bad for the Interior. Bear, in his usual whirlwind fashion, managed to recreate himself nearly to death, trying every activity with gusto and then crashing hard at night.

The Ice Carving Championships were something, too. We attended at night, when sculptures were lit by multicolored lights and doubly fun for Bear to slide down the kid-friendly carvings and even lead me through an ice maze.

We're going to go back this summer, probably for the Tanana Valley Fair in August. There's much more to see and many more places to go.

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