Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm in a Time Warp

It's really January, right? Or perhaps even further back, like December? Perhaps if this snowstorm dumping 10+ inches of wet, sloshy, slushy stuff in my yard came then, I might be inspired to make carmel corn, turn up my Ray Coniff singers, and dance to the advent of winter.

As it is I, along with most of Anchorage, am grumpy (even grumpier than I was the other day). We're ready for spring. Like real spring. When it doesn't snow anymore.

I'm staring out my window at fat, fluffy snowflakes bigger than cookies. Yes, cookies.

Yukon even came home early to commiserate with me. Such a nice person. He didn't even mind coming home to find the dog snoozing on his side of the bed.

The photo above was taken around 9 a.m as I shuttled Bear to preschool, just before I took myself to my favorite coffee shop to drown my sorrowful state in a 16 oz Alaska Chai and a bagel.

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