Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a (Kid's) Day!

Today we had a barrel of fun down at the Anchorage Kid's Day festival. I helped staff a booth for Get Outdoors Anchorage, a coalition of agencies and organizations committed to getting families outside together. It is a new mission of mine at AKontheGO, and a worthy one, I think.

Yukon and Bear accompanied me downtown and wandered among the booths for a while before going off on their own missions. After lunch they picked me up and we went to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, which was free today in honor of the Kids. Bear had a blast like he always does, climbing in and on everything he could, including the engine of a scuttled 737. He was a little worried that the plane would start up and carry him off, thus the interesting expression on his face!

I'm about done in; Yukon and I are listening to some lovely classical music and drinking the first margaritas of the season. We're trying for summer here, even though we have snow still clinging on the ground. Grr.

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Natalie said...

Love the photo...the Margaritas...good soul refreshing stuff.