Monday, April 12, 2010

Well Dash My Hopes and Call Me Grumpy

I'm not usually adverse to bad weather. In fact, most times I rather enjoy the chance to relax indoors with an extra cup of coffee and the woodstove while finding time to catch up on all the stuff I allow to pile up on the sunny days. Today, however, I'm rebelling.

This. Weather. Sucks. 50 mph winds, snow/rain combo (it doesn't even have the decency to make up its mind), and a temperature gradient that goes from 45 to 34 in a few minutes' time. Sheesh.

The front door has blown open a few times today, much to the grand excitement of Bear and Jasper, who rush downstairs in surprise, wondering who would dare open our door without their permission. Since most of the snow is gone from roadways, a swirl of trash now occuplies every gutter, spare mud puddle, and now the air, riding on the gusts like an ugly bird.

the rain/snow drops are just starting to tap on my office window and the gusts whistle in between our sadly unimproved eaves. What is this, February in Seattle?

I'm going to bed with my heating pad and a mug of tea with whiskey.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Yes, but look at you with your excellent coping strategy...hope you have a good book at hand, too.