Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Fun in the Summer (Rain)

It seems as if every time I psych up a member of the family to visit us in Alaska, telling them with unabashed enthusiasm about our then-gorgeous weather, said weather turns terrible.

My brother and family are in town, along with Grandma and Grandpa, and it is raining. Not just raining, actually, but alternating between a steady drizzle and pouring. Ever since they got here last night.

The good news is my relatives are in desperate need of a relaxing week away from Seattle's busy pace, and the rain makes the motivation to get up early and rush out the door quite minimal. The bad news is that with three children in the house under 6, there is a lot of restlessness. My family travel hand is being forced as I must now walk my talk with respect to our mantra of "outside, every day". So out we go.
Rain pants, rain boots, rain hat, rain coat; everybody is dressed in enough rubber and Gore-Tex to supply REI. Snacks, towels, and backpacks added and we're in business. This weekend was the annual Alaska Botanical Garden Fair and since AKontheGO was a sponsor, we trucked the small boys and dads (and me) a mile or so down the road to attend a very soggy but nonetheless delightful afternoon mucking about the 110 acres of native plant-dom.

Bear and Yukon found the "quiet corner" of the Children's Village to read a story about bugs. Looks peaceful and sweet, doesn't it? What you can't hear is Yukon's narrative of the page where it shows the inner workings of a fly, the "guts, brain, and gross insides". No wonder the kid looks spellbound, Dad's turning it into a description of The Fly. Great.

My brother and nephew were busy trying out the craft corner where after a few false starts, Nephew finally got his dad to draw him a zebra on purple craft foam. Never mind everyone else was making caterpillars, Nephew is his own man.

Tomorrow is our last day in Anchorage before we head down to Homer and the beach. At least if it rains I won't worry so much; kids are always wet down there anyway, so a little rain won't hurt.

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Natalie said...

Have a safe trip. Maybe it's just me, frying out here in the desert, but that looks absolutely woooooonderful to be enjoying the rain. Besides, what's better than the smell of rain and a cup of coffee? Nothing! (Well, except maybe birthday cake...)