Monday, June 14, 2010

From the Wolf Den: Breaks and Brokenness

We are tired today. I'm not surprised. Visiting a child who is constrained by the boundaries of his own doing with a younger child in tow who doesn't understand this rule is extremely difficult. so today we took a break. But it was hard to break us up.

It was my turn to be the family therapy attendee, but we scheduled our session for later in the morning so Yukon, Bear and I could visit the world's largest open pit mine, Kennecott Utah Copper, just up the road from CHYC. To a small boy with a love of trucks, loud noise, and all things mechanical, it was mecca. But Wolf could not be with us, and that made us sad, despite our resolve to "carry on" and get beyond events of the past.

Wolf understood on some level, but it was not until the end of our session with Therapist B that his chin began to quiver and the inevitable "You're leaving already?" came wavering out. For as much as I wanted to stay, for as much as I also would have liked to grab his face in both hands and shake the living heck out of him and scream "Don't you GET it?" I didn't.

I simply hugged him and walked away.


Natalie said...

Life isn't fair sometimes. This breaks my heart, so sending you more hugs, very impressed that you're doing your best in every way.

Smileyfreak said...

Your story is heart-wrenching.

All I can say is good luck :)