Sunday, June 13, 2010

From the Wolf Den: Second Day Simple Things

With a five year-old in tow, conducting a workable family therapy session becomes a bit more challenging, but we're managing. Yukon has been on the weekend-list since he was here during the initial meltdown, so this morning Bear and I dropped him off at CHYC then went to Target, where all moms go for a bit of Retail Therapy. At 9 a.m. the store was nearly deserted, and it was peaceful and freeing to allow Bear to hide in the clothing racks and inspect all the toy aisles while I did some shopping for Wolf.

Shopping for kids gives us such satisfaction, doesn't it? Buying their necessary and not-so-necessary things is a way to connect ourselves to their bodies and minds, even more so now that Wolf is thousands of miles away from me. Steering the bright red cart around the store today brought me closer to a child who isn't close at all, and I took intense pleasure in selecting t-shirts, flip-flops, and even underwear for my son.

Today was Yukon's birthday, so he and Bear and I took a midday break and explored the downtown Salt Lake area, lunching at Squatter's Pub and walking around the lovely city, eventually ending up in the foothills of the University. It was nice to get outside and experience someplace else, in a neighborhood of someone else, just being. It rained hard off and on, and that was nice, too.

Bear wanted to show his brother a National Geographic DVD about sea monsters, so we loaded up on milkshakes at Sonic Drive In and settled in. The guys took a few minutes to work together on a coloring book about the Superfriends, something they both enjoy and an activity that slowly introduces them to teamwork and patience and sibling togetherness.

All of us, really, for the sight of two children together has changed our parenting mechanics. But that's a whole other story.

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Natalie said...

Target therapy. Even better than targeted therapy. You called it: I never quite realised it so succinctly before, but buying for kids IS wonderful and doubly rewarding. Yay to you for pointing out the wonderful of everyday being.