Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who Would Have Thought...

I'm up late preparing for a workshop tomorrow at Campbell Creek Science Center called 'Bear Safety for Families'. Designed to help parents feel more comfortable recreating in the great Alaskan outdoors, it really is being held for me. Those who know me know my particular outdoor phobias, and bears top the list. Always have. Well, bees, too, but bears are #1 these days since they live right out my front door and seem to manage to be in places I want to go.

Didn't occur to me until just now that while some parents in the Lower 48 are educating their kids about stranger danger and proper etiquette while riding bikes, I'm preparing a class to teach moms, dads, and kids what to do if a bear charges. Whoa. Amazing. Intriguing. Incredible.

Five years ago I was living in a prim and proper South Carolina neighborhood worrying about the obnoxious boys living across the street and how much Diet Coke cost at the Piggly Wiggly. Funny how perspectives change, isn't it?


Noel said...

Well, actually, not too many years ago I was on vacation in the other Carolina. The first day, a black bear lolled around for a while on the front porch. I made sure our young daughter didn't see it so she wouldn't be totally freaked out. I was only partially freaked. Wouldn't go on any hikes, for example. Fortunately I had a lot of good books and we could park the car close to the front door for a quick getaway.

Natalie said...

Hey, I'm with you. Bears are big, smart, can run faster, swim better, and have way bigger teeth and claws than I do! I say, give those critters some respect. Love the very Northern Exposure (sorry...I loved that show) feel of the contrast between now and when you were in SC. :)