Friday, June 11, 2010

From the Wolf Den: Struggling and Strength for Yukon

Yukon just called me from SLC where he arrived this afternoon for a pre-family-reunion prep and pep talk with Wolf. We orchestrated this so carefully, ensuring one parent could stay behind and one could go ahead, and I'm glad we did, because It Happened.

I should have known something was not completely right when Yukon started our conversation with a reference to his second adult beverage of the evening and followed that up with, "Sweetie, breathe in and breathe out." Great.

Wolf has crashed after coming closer than ever to achieving the highest level and earning the trust of staff, peers, and us. Without providing too many details, Wolf reverted back to some of his impulsive and inappropriate behaviors today while on a field trip and is now down a level. More important though, are the questions remaining as to his appropriateness in going out with us and his interactions with his brother, who, I might add, has been exuberantly bouncing off the walls over the prospect seeing Wolf in a mere 24 hours. Give me strength.

Near tears himself, Yukon managed to keep his game face on during the late-evening discussion with Therapist B who stayed into the night to discern the facts of the incident and, with his own hurting heart, tell Yukon what happened and the potential ramifications before showing him to the room where Wolf sat. What could a father do from there but hug his sobbing and distraught son who knew his actions but had seemingly little power to stop them.

Where do we go from here? Yukon is having a meeting before the family therapy session tomorrow morning so we know better how to explain to Bear Wolf's potential absence from family fun. Bear and I fly out at 9 a.m. Life goes on. Really, in the not-so hidden parts of our brains, Yukon and I were not surprised by the fall. We just were surprised it came so late, and now this begs questions that tonight have no answers.

I just know that Yukon is one special dad to a very special kid.


Carrie G said...

Knowing the "day to day" adventures as I do, I just feel aches for all four of you. Praying for your interactions and positive moments.

dorothy said... you all to pieces!