Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anchorage Daily News Gets New Bloggers

For those of you so inclined to read more blogging by Erin Kirkland, feel free to peruse the Anchorage Daily News' Community Blogs. I will be blogging on ParentPoints, a three-woman-strong blog featuring issues surrounding working parents (by Gina Romero), teenage/young adult issues (by Alaska writer Heather Lende, one of my writing heroes), and Moi, covering the fun stuff to do around Alaska with the whole family.

Give it a try at The blog should be up and running tomorrow. Gina will post on Mondays, I will be the Thursday writer, and Heather Lende will post on Fridays, I believe.
Our blog photo is above as a collaboration of hands and a foot; Bear's, mine, Gina's, and her little one's tiny toes.

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