Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mama Road Trip

When my friend J. called me a month or so ago to ask if I would be interested in driving down to Haines with her, of course I said yes. Her husband is the Associate Pastor of First Pressed here in Anchorage, and the Jr. High youth were embarking upon a mission trip to assist the good people of Haines Pressed with the annual Vacation Bible School week.

J.'s husband needed to accompany the young people on the airplane (how do they rate?!) and ferry ride from Juneau to Haines, and J. needed a second person in her car, if for no other reason than to provide conversation that did not involve princesses or Game Boys. No problem. Have music, will travel. Four children, a cooler of juice boxes and peanut butter sandwiches, and the portable DVD player. Cool.

We will be driving 14 or so hours up, then down, due to the Alaska Highway system, such as it is. Passports are also required due to a drive-through of the Yukon in Whitehorse. Haines is tucked away along Lynn Canal, about five hours from Juneau via ferry.

A slight twist to the journey is the truck that I am now assigned to pilot. Apparently a friend of J. was in town, bought three trucks for his business, and needs someone to drive one on down. In Alaska, any opportunity to help a neighbor is a given. This will be our "relief" vehicle. Whenever J. or I need some adult alone time, we'll shout across the walkie talkies and trade seats.

Tomorrow our destination is Tok, Alaska. Yes, it is pronounced just like the activity you are thinking of. The last time I was in Tok was in 1992. I think I forgot everything about it. I'll post some photos when we arrive, if I am still sane.

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You are incredible,

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