Friday, May 9, 2008

Wolf's Moment of Truth

On Tuesday morning, the email account seemed to be fuller than usual. When all the incoming mail finally appeared, up came three messages from CHYC.

"We are pleased to tell you that a spot is all ready for your son, we are making travel plans for Friday." Friday. 72 hours. Three days. 14 years.

After about month of soul-searching and praying and finger-crossing, Wolf, accompanied by Yukon, made a life-changing move Outside to begin a new journey towards managing his life successfully. The school, known across the northwest for its unique approach towards teaching kids with Asperger Syndrome, had an opening, and we took it.

For those who have known my son, and me, for some time, you will know some of the struggles and challenges he and I have faced over the years. I don't think even I recognized the depth of those challenges until I began filling out the pages and pages of health history for the school, and became exhausted at what we had tried to do for so long.

Wolf's life thus far has been difficult; sometimes even impossible. Asperger's sufferers live in a world that is different from ours, and conforming to boundaries and rules that make little sense is a daily struggle, with or without help. The goal is to introduce Wolf to a new way of thinking and living and succeeding; to embrace the bright, articulate, and creative young man we all know he can be, not in spite of the Asperger's, but because of it.

The program will last at least a year, give or take a few weeks or months. It is all up to him, with our support along the way. He knows what he has to do, he knows how many people love him, now he has to know how to love himself for who he is as a Child of God, with a purpose and a meaning to his very existence.

Yukon said Wolf was excited to meet the kids on the unit. He settled in well and is looking forward to learning to ride horses, river raft, and talk books with the other boys.

When the guys left with our friend and pastor for the airport, Wolf leaned out of the front seat window and held his hands in the shape of a heart.

Me too, buddy. Me too.

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dorothy said...

Go Wolf! Go! Find your Pack and run with it!