Thursday, May 22, 2008

Green is a Good Color

Finally, finally, I got my garden day. Sunshine, plants and seeds, and the last day of "Mom's Morning Out" at church provided me with a peaceful morning in the yard.

With nightime temperatures out of the freezing range, it was relatively safe to plant and sow and mulch, which I did with abandon. Beet, radish (Bear's request, even though he won't eat them), carrot, and zucchini seeds were popped into their respective rows along the south side of the house where temperatures are warmest. I had to replace a few strawberry plants, and a lupine, but every other perennial has shown signs of returning.

One of my most important annual flowers is the petunia. My grandfather in Montana grew them by the bunch in the red brick planter out front of his house. The first thing I would smell upon our arrival was their spicy-sweet goodness; I have planted them at every house we have inhabited.

Summer is expected to continue through August. Just a few short months to try and get everything to grow. Before we know it, the time will be upon us to cover back up those strawberries and flowers, and rake up the leaves that today are breaking open on the branches.

It's too horrible to think about!

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