Friday, January 2, 2009

Cold Means Creativity

We are in day seven of the Cold Snap; still cold, still sunny, still crazy. Yukon took leave for today in addition to his New Year's Day of respite, so I am grateful for his entertainment value.

He and Bear are currently engaged in a fierce battle of army men and plastic dinosaurs amidst the remnants of Wolf's Lincoln Logs. Remember those? Bear is just becoming skilled enough to put together simple structures, as well as some cannons out of the little pieces.

The battle-scenario evolved out of another issue that arises out of a cold spell; movies. For some reason, Star Wars I; A New Hope has given Bear hope that he will someday wake up and become a Jedi Knight. His favorite toy right now is my old curling iron that is his "lightsaver"; winging it up and down in a most impressive display of Jedi-like martial arts moves, Bear displays skills worthy of Anakin. At least he thinks so.

We braved the weather yesterday for a brief spell outdoors with the dog. You can see by Bear's cheeks and eyelashes, it was a bit frigid, but we all lasted about an hour. Not too bad for 15 below zero.

Tonight, however, might be a different story; temperatures are expected to drop to 35 below.

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Hollinger Family said...

Now those are some gorgeous eyes! and it is just downright cold where you is ;^)
Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog, that was a nice surprise. We are from the Seattle area (our extended family), but are just south of the Wasington border for the past decade.
I will drop by again soon ...