Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello, Wolf, Hello, Come in, Wolf...

Yes, having a child living out of state is in some ways like perpetual summer camp. You know, when moms always say 'be sure to write' and the kid says 'yeah, yeah' and then never does? Such is our life these days, although with greater consequences.

Usually when Wolf resists picking up the telephone to call us, it is because he is in trouble and does not want to tell us, as if telling us makes the incident all the more real. The mind of a teenager is interesting enough without the denial and lack of empathy of an Asperger's brain not accepting the reality of a situation. Yukon and I receive information second hand via Therapist B. who is fabulous at letting me know via email what is truly up. Or down, depending upon who tells the story.

I am sure when we talk on Wednesday morning the explanations will be interesting, to say the least.

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dorothy said...

Hey - put me on the visit list. I'm close enough to pull an Auntie drop in to snap his teen boy attitude into line. :) Or just to give him a much needed hug.