Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update From the Wolf Den

It is good to have Yukon here. The sheer delight on Wolf's face when he saw his dad made up for all the "bad stuff" we have been dealing with these past few weeks. A spontaneous, unabashed, joyful hug from our usually reserved teenager was, simply, the best.

Physically, Wolf has grown to at least 6' 1" or so, and I suppose every father of a teenager feels as Yukon when he looked up to his son and said "Oh, no."

We took a tour of the recently remodeled unit and were pleased to see Wolf taking some responsibility for his own space, shared with three other boys. Even his bed was made (I knew all that family history of military service would come in handy; that sucker was quarter-tight).

A long session with Therapist B. preceeded our meeting up with Wolf, for much is left to be accomplished, and we are all a bit stymied as to how to make it happen. We so appreciate B.'s willingness to sit for two hours and disseminate information, brainstorm, and frankly vent our frustration with a child who seems to be void of the motivation to change.

Today was the day to show our unification as a family, disjointed as we may be, who is absolutely committed to providing the best for a kid, whether he wants it or not.

Tomorrow it all begins. I can't think of a better way to kick off a 16th birthday.

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jen said...

Holy Cow! He's taller than J! Way to go M! :) Happy Birthday, buddy! We miss you lots. Sending you an e-hug! :)