Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Hangs On, But Here Comes the Sun

I had to wear my sunglasses after 5 p.m. yesterday. Indeed noteworthy due to the fact that last week I wasn't. Nobody was. Finally, finally, Anchorage-ites can enjoy a few extra minutes of daylight, enough to turn even the most S.A.D-ly affected towards the West.

Even five minutes helps, although the encroachment of longer days is so subtle people aren't really sure it is happening. We're afraid to be too encouraged by the fact that most of the commute home is now in dusk rather than dark, or that kids are waiting for the school bus in a gray haze rather than a starry night.

We'll take it, though, since sunshine has the incredible ability to improve our moods and lighten our loads, no matter how heavy they may be. Even a near-zero degree day seems no match for the power of sunlight, as we found out today during Bear's weekly Nordic ski class. Bundled to our eyebrows at Kincaid park in southwest Anchorage, we all enjoyed a few hours of blissful skiing under bluebird skies.

Rosy-cheeked Bear skied so hard he finally collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the little hill upon which the kids practiced their "super slides" and "pizzas". It took a valiant Yukon to trundle him back up towards the park chalet, skis and all.

No, it's not quite Hawaii, but then, Hawaii doesn't have our view.

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