Friday, January 8, 2010

Update From the Wolf Den: We Dare You

I'm sitting in Terminal B of the Salt Lake City airport, waiting for my flight in a few hours and hoping to God my son will go to bed tonight with a different set of goals in his mind.

With Yukon's departure early this morning, today was a mother-son day to reiterate the goals and objectives for Wolf's plan for hopeful success, eventually, we hope, leading him to make the small steps necessary to become a productive and respectful adult.

The gist of this plan centers around a reward system for three categories of treatment Wolf has up to this point resisted; nothing fancy, nothing big, but nonetheless inspiring to a kid who enjoys "stuff'. As much as the "stuff" drives us all nuts, we were willing to sacrifice for the sake of our teenager.

The resulting system has been dubbed "I Dare You to Do Better", coined from a phrase uttered by the impressive and imposing Captain Pike in the new Star Trek movie (ah ha, Wolf's attention is captivated already!). Wolf is nothing if not inspired by movie quotes, so we took advantage of this and ran with the concept, knowing a smiliarity to Captain Kirk (to whom the phrase was uttered) might just be the ticket to ride for Wolf.

The fun starts tomorrow, bright and early.

Make it happen, kid. I triple-dog-dare you.

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