Friday, January 29, 2010

New Floors!

I made Yukon swear that we refrain from saving all of our remodeling projects for the day we put the house on the market. We are NOT moving, but in the past our M.O. has been to decide on a relocation, select a realtor, put the sign up, and realize almost immediately how outdated our home truly is. Not this time.

Last winter it was a complete remodel of two bathrooms, for winter 2010 we move to floors. All floors upstairs, to be exact. No more gunky, old, blah-beige carpet that was probably installed in the 1980's. Nope, we are replacing the stained and tattered wall-to-wall with a lovely Hawthorne Hickory made by Swiftlock Plus and arriving in packs of 10 planks measuring 16.37 square feet. Want the bar code? I could tell you with relative ease due to the fact that the whole 900 square feet of Hickory is sitting right next to me in my office, the only room in the house without an abundance of displaced furniture. At least it smells good.

Yesterday our Handyman's Handyman (the stepfather of friends and one of the most gruffly compassionate men I have ever met) ripped up carpet in the living room, dining area and hallway with the help of a five-year-old who couldn't resist a little jig in the now echoing area.

Today Handyman is laying new subflooring over the almost frightening old; it's a wonder no one has ended up in the casement below. Oops. By next week the first phase should be done and we move to my office and the two bedrooms, where anything outdated, unworn or unused has little chance of surviving my Value Village triage.

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