Friday, January 1, 2010

Ending the 'Naughts' Not Without Excitement


It was a happy, albeit freezing New Year's Eve in Alaska. We joined some good friends for an evening of king crab, steak, shrimp pasta, and 5 dozen oysters Yukon and I procured from the Kachemak Bay Shellfish Coalition. They packed 'em up and shipped them via the Homer Stage Line just in time to provide a New Year surprise for our friend T., whose dedication to the little beauties rivals that of Yukon's. In the spirit of appropriate half-shell enjoyment, there was much slurping and swilling in our friends' kitchen, and for the first few hours I saw only the reverse side of Yukon as he manned his own oyster table near the sink.

Since our friends happen to live in a woodsy section of south Anchorage, we were also priveleged to participate in some fireworks/explosions this -5 degree night. Since July 4th offers little in the way of darkness, most Alaskans save the big guns for the New Year; and clearly, 2010 started off with a bang for this rowdy crowd.

To facilitate ease of lighting and purportedly to stay warmer, cigars were provided compliments of our host. Yukon, clearly, was in a state of testosterone-fueld bliss.

Pretty good start.
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