Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hiding in Halibut Cove

I think every writer fantasizes about the "perfect scenario" to write his or her masterpiece. I found mine last weekend while we were down in Homer.
Halibut Cove is located across Kachemak Bay from Homer, accessible only by boat; about a 45 minute ride. With 200+ residents in the summer and a mere handful in the winter, Halibut Cove is built upon the rocky shores and inlets of an Alaskan gem.

Our friend's parents had treated us to a special dinner at the Cove in honor of her birthday (extra-nice since they live in Nashville, TN), and the trip was the capstone of the weekend, for sure. Yukon and I discussed the possibility of renting a cabin there next summer to experience the ultimate in Alaskan relaxation. No internet, no television, no cars, no worries.

Note the photo displaying the small burial spot of a young girl. We discovered this gravesite after walking along a local path to the bluffs. I found it fascinating. What had happened? Who was she? No grave marker, no information was on the marker. Her blue eyes were mesmerizing to us in the evening light, the wind whispering around the wild grasses and wildflowers planted there. It was a sobering, yet somehow joyful spot, and I stood there for quite some time.

Sometimes peace comes to us in the most remarkable ways.

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