Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Momma Moxie

One of my newest adventures is working with MamaLit, an online book review/book club site operated by an incredibly hard-working mother in Portland. A fellow blogger at Working Mother magazine, she started MamaLit to enable busy moms to read reviews of hot books, fresh from the publisher.

My book to review was a bit of a departure for me. "The Maternal is Political" is a collection of essays by mothers across the spectrum of politics and social awareness. Anna Quindlen, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Kingsolver, and other fascinating woman writers are allowed to speak their minds about motherhood and social change.

I read the book as I jetted down to Seattle in June, and read it again on the way home; it was that good. I believe it hits store shelves soon, so read the review at the MamaLit site, available here or to the right, under my Blog List. Perhaps you will feel as I did and become refreshed by Mom Power.

Vote Mother this year!

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