Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain and Who?

Sarah Palin, that's who. When Yukon called me at the crack of dawn to tell me that our Valley Governor, Sarah Palin, had been selected by John McCain as his running mate, my response was probably like everyone else's.

"Are you kidding?"

Oh boy, the media is going to have a field day with this. Troopergate, Wasilla, Yup'ik husband, beer nuts, Wasilla, Iron Dog snow machine race, frumpy dressing, Wasilla....

I hope the Repubs know what they are doing. Uncle Ted has bumped heads with her lately, that can't be good.

Visit the Anchorage Daily News site to catch local impressions.


jen said...

I'm proud of her! Go Sarah! Make Alaska proud! :)

nannerbanner said...

And the bloggers run wild.. Also check out Mudlflats - an Alaskan policitical blog - best google it, I can remember the site.

Here is a red cabbage recipe for Yukon - I am too lazy to run it over in person.
Red Cabbage a la Luchow's
Contributed By: nanmagrath
My mom claims it was originally from a Luchow's Restaurant (NYC) cookbook from the 1950's

Fabulous red cabbage - better the second day. Even my fussy children will eat it.

1 Head of red cabbage, sliced
1/2 cup Currant jelly
2-3 Apples, cored and sliced
1 Large yellow onion, sliced
1-2 Bay leaves
2 tbsp Butter or margarine (or lard)
2-3 pieces Crisp bacon crumbled, or 1/3 c bacon bits (optional)
1/2 cup Water
Salt and pepper to taste
3/8 cup Red wine vinegar - add last

1. In a Dutch oven or a crock pot, combine the sliced cabbage, sliced onion, sliced apples, currant jelly, bay leaf, butter, bacon, and water. Cover and cook on low heat about 2.5 hours, the cabbage should be firm but tender, the onions and apples will be mush, and everything should be dark red.

2. Add the vinegar after cooking is cimplete, then season with salt and pepper.

Cook's Notes
This is vegetarian if the bacon is left out and a butter substitute is used - it is still excellent. The function of the vinegar is not just to add the sour note, it also makes the mix acidic which keeps the red cabbage from turning blue. Make it a day ahead if you can, it is much better the next day! I render my own lard (storebought lard is noxious and not as good for you) and use instead of butter in this recipe, that makes this go very well with roast potatos that I roast in lard as well. The Net has lots of info on lard and lard rendering - it is a highly maligned fat that does not deserve its bad rap.