Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den

The computer spit out my itinerary with a few thumps and a sigh. There it is, the e-ticket to visit Wolf this weekend.

Our conversations lately have been few; Wolf is having some struggles with accountability and it is frustrating for him, and for us, especially over the phone. He is, however, very excited for my arrival, probably as much for a "taste of home" as anything.

Requests for books, Pokemon cards, and spicy Cheetos have been made, and my bag is rapidly becoming less about my stuff and more about his. With the next visit not scheduled until late November, I also need to transport warmer clothing (hard to believe with the temperature down there in the mid 90's today). And bigger clothing; Wolf has gained upwards of 12 pounds since his arrival, in part, I am sure, to a combination of daily exercise and starchy institution food (which he loves).

Unfortunately, Wolf will not be able to accompany me off campus on this trip. The point system that rewards kids for making responsible choices and upward strides is a quite a few shy this week. We had thought that notice a month ago of my visit would provide the incentive needed for Wolf to step up and make the points happen, but it did not. Hard, but necessary tough love perhaps will win out and provide motivation for the next trip.

My flight is a red eye (the only direct flight Delta does to this city) so I am sure Saturday morning will be emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausting, given my propensity for hating air travel at any time of the day combined with a first glimpse of my child's face.

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dorothy said...

Red -eye? Just did it with 10 of my closest friends on the way home from Seattle. Better than driving, but wow! Nothing like seeing 1:00am at the airport with my crew! Hugs to Matthew - and his mommy. Happy to be back home news? Josh (bro) got attacked by a pitbull on base while getting ready for PT nasty bit, dog put down, still being deployed for Guam in 2 weeks.