Saturday, August 30, 2008

Godparents Visit Bear

At least, that is how Bear sees it. As far as he is concerned these folks came up to see only him.

Longtime friends of Yukon and I, M and P came up on Thursday night and even brought the good weather with them. M is celebrating a five-year anniversary of battling cancer; this is the Cure Year. Having her with us to share in the delight of her godson is a treasure, indeed.

Bear wanted to show them the Anchorage Zoo on Friday, so off we went. The photo above features P and Bear standing on the moose viewing platform, his favorite spot. Why, I am not sure, as moose viewing for Alaskans is about as exciting as seagull viewing for Washingtonians.

Today we went to Girdwood for a very special event. More on that later.

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