Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wolf, in Person

Yes indeed, my son is as tall as me. I was able to take a few photos of Wolf this morning, thanks to his kind and supportive therapist, S.
S. had asked how Bear was handling the absence of Wolf, and I reflected that he had been saying "We sure do need a broder around here." S. decided that little "broder" seeing big "broder", alive and well, trumped the usual rule of no cameras in the building. For this I am so grateful.

That decision was but one of the many ways CHYC keeps the entire family under its wing. AS affects everybody, especially when the student is far from home, as, I found out today, 90% of the kids are. This was confirmed for me when the school van pulled up to the entrance around 8 a.m. to deposit a mother and daughter, fresh from the Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole experience of a redeye flight.

Wolf and I planned my last day (tomorrow) with care. More Scrabble, a few magazines, Quiznos subs, and some goal-setting for the family visit in November. God willing. It is back home Wednesday on an evening flight, back to the other boys, back to the routine. As it stands for now.
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dorothy said...

I am here! I love you both and am praying over your visit and all the opportunities for learning that are woven into it. Soory I have been so quiet - about to add #10 has done that to me where nothing else ever has!