Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frank, Frank, Frank...

In my research for this week's piece for Working Mother magazine's online scoop for the 2008 Palin/McCain election campaign, I came across some very interesting tidbits of information on our former Governor, Frank Murkowski.

Did you know that...

Frank's appointment of daughter Lisa to fill his fat Senate seat in 2002 led to a 2004 ballot measure stripping governors of appointing senators, only one of 3 states to do so.

Toward the end of Frank's term, he brokered a gas line deal that was never considered by the legislature in its final form, and only a lawsuit by legislators kept him from signing it w/out their approval?

Frank tried to get the Dept. of Homeland Security to underwrite the cost of the now infamous Jet? Needed it to keep his state safe, don't you know?

My friend J. in Homer told me a funny story about the first time she went to Juneau for a business trip. She noticed a bunch of little yellow flags with Murkowski's mug on them, stuck in the ground here and there with no apparent pattern. She asked a client what they all meant, and received this reply.

"They are there to mark all the dog poop spots in the grass."

The piece for Working Mother should be up by the end of the week.

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