Sunday, September 14, 2008

Huckleberries and Heaven

Yep, that's where we are. In heaven, eating huckleberries. The red ones, foreign to most Alaskans. Bear, Grandma, Yukon and myself spent quality time outside in the yard surrounding the cabin yesterday picking a little bit of my childhood.

Bear found that by bending the bush over (huckleberry bushes in Oregon and Washington tend to grow pretty tall) he could just stick the branch in his mouth and get at least four or five at a time. The berries are huge; nothing I have seen down here before, and we are going back for more today.

Yukon and I are having a breakaway down at the Log Lodge, utilizing internet service and eating HUGE huckleberry pancakes. Not too bad for a Sunday morning. It is about 80 degrees already, with a slight breeze, and the plan for today is to head up to Timberline Lodge for some alpine hiking.

For those who care, the next post to Working Mother will surface on Wednesday. In the meantime, we are enjoying a little Mt. Hood hospitality among the hemlocks and huckleberries.

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dorothy said...

Eat some berries for me Bear! I wish we were all there with you - of course that wouldn't be very relaxing now would it? :) Want a photo of 10?