Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Real Pre-School, Mommy"

There is just nothing like the first day of school; new clothes, new lunchbox, new attitude. Little Bear, not so little anymore, took his first day of "real pre-school" in glorious stride. He had attended the little, one-room Lutheran preschool last year, but only since Januray, so today was indeed a milestone.

Very proud of his Thomas the Tank Engine backpack and fire truck lunchbox (not necessary for 2 1/2 hours of school, but obviously very important), Bear talked up school to our houseguests and marched into the classroom with all the confidence of one much older.

Yukon had the day off and was able to witness this display of independence, whereby we were dismissed with a "I don't need anyone to sit with me right now" statement.

So we grownups went to breakfast at our favorite weekday joint, the Snow City Cafe, where we drank coffee, ate breakfast burritos and generally enjoyed a slower morning than usual.

The air smells like back-to-school; crisp and leaf-y. Bear's new Keen hiking shoes will undoubtably be scuffed by next week from using his toes as brakes on the scooters, but they will be as comfortable as he is in his "real school" experience.

As for me, I finally can get back into a writing routine that was disrupted by so much over the summer. A welcome feeling.

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farlanefarm said...

What a big boy! He's adorable.