Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den

The family, minus Wolf, is headed down to Portland tomorrow for a part work/part play visit. This will be the first full-family vacation without him; the first time there will be three instead of four.
We are okay with this, but then, we have been living this way for almost five months now. A difficult thing about so geographically distant from the rest of our family members is the natural progression of discussion towards Wolf and his progress when we do get together.
Family is a crucial part to Wolf's success or failure at school; so many of the students at CHYC have no one. We are blessed with a large and supportive network of family to help support us. But sometimes we just want to not talk so much about it. We are not being rude, or stand-offish; we just need some space from something that consumes our lives, even with Wolf's absence. And there are so many people who want information, (hence the updates on this blog), that we ask forgiveness if someone misses out on an update given over the phone or in person.
It is a delicate balance, but of all the problems we could be experiencing, this is a "good" one to have.
For now, bring on the Cabin, the River, and the Wood Farm. And the Baby Shower,
91st Birthday, and Trolley Ride.

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