Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den

There was nothing to talk about on Tuesday. And we loved it. Wolf has had a good week; reports from school, RT (recreation therapy, a daily program), and staff on the unit at CHYC have been more positive than in a long, long time.

The school's "level" system requires that the kids maintain a level for a period of time before moving up to the next one, easier said than done, as there are stars to be earned and contracts to be fulfilled. That said, the students always seem to rise to the challenge eventually, and the levels become their lives. Not a bad thing, considering that they are focused on what they need to do to accomplish the next step up. And, they are very aware of how to get dropped.

Now that Wolf is on the "Rising" level this week, he has his room back the way he wants it. A new comforter, pillows, and sheets bought by moi during my visit. He also can put back up his posters and pictures. He is comfortable, and we want him to remember how un-comfortable it was to not follow the program.

Yukon and I took a few moments to tell him how proud of him we were, and we could hear his grin over the phone. Have you ever heard a grin?

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dorothy said...

Yeah Wolf! GO! Show us you can do it.