Monday, September 8, 2008

The Palin Chronicles

I have tried to stay away from the buzz surrounding our Governor, Sarah Palin, and her partnership with John McCain in a bid for the White House. But an invitation last week from Working Mother Magazine's online affiliate has me immersed in the Palin-ista world.

Working Mother does not particularly want, nor do I wish to do, a "roving reporter" type of column. What I will do is state the facts about Alaska, what we know of Palin from our contacts with her as constituents and as business people, and talk with locals about the hoopla that seems to be consuming our state.

Details of when and how this column will appear are still being created, but I have to have something to them this week, so we'll see what transpires. This is outside the realm of my usual assignments, so staring at my laptop screen waiting for a catchy opening phrase to magically appear is becoming more common. Funny how we can think we know everything until we have to present that knowledge to the world. My father liked to tell us growing up that it is fine to say what you want about somebody, but you'd better be right.

At any rate, until the columns/posts are officially up and running, you can go to Working Mother and read the few posts for MomBlog I have written, and the subsequent comments, which make for very interesting reading. Working mothers can be very sensitive about the whole balancing act of parenting vs. job, and this site is a perfect example.


Carpetblogger said...

I can't believe she waited three days to go back to work after giving birth!

dorothy said...

I just watched her speach here in MN (Only a week late - I claim camping as my excuse!) I think I like her! :)

Harry said...


Awesome article, with a distinctly Alaskan flair. Palin certainly will have to walk a fine line between right wing conservatism and at the same time boosting women's right's, not an easy task for sure. One thing is for certain, it will definitely be an interesting election whatever the outcome may be. Looking forward to seeing you and the familia 'round my neck of the woods.

Much Love,
Harry III