Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"You Run Fast, Bear. Yes, I know"

Glad he's so modest. The three of us have been participating in Anchorage Parks and Rec's Tuesday Night Race Series. Designed to get everybody in town up and running no matter the ability level, the Race Series is held at a different local park every Tuesday through the end of October. While we know the park location, the actual course is kept secret until we are all lined up and ready to take off.

Little Bear is quite taken with the "run through the woods" concept, in true Alaskan-child form. Tonight the 'Munchkin League' ran through Russian Jack Springs Park and slogged through 1.2 miles of muddy, root-laden trail to the finish line in the middle of a soccer field. The little bugger ran the entire way without stopping, and even passed some grown-ups.

Right now he is wearing his Superman costume. Right now, we think he's pretty super, too. A note for my fellow Anchorage-ites; this is one of the best family events I have attended since moving here. Great people, good organization, and the right message; working out is fun, and even more fun when the whole family participates.

Sorry the action shot is so blurry, but it's hard to shoot and run to keep up with these guys.

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