Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deja Vu: Storm #2

We here in Alaska are scratching our heads in confusion. Only one week ago we were shivering and covering up every exposed part of our bodies. Cars were not starting, house fires were keeping the Fire Department busy, and kids were going a little nuts staying indoors.

Now, in the span of 48 hours we have gone from 35 below to almost 50 degrees. It started the night Bear and I flew back from Portland (Yes, this has been duly noted that blame may rest on us). By the time Wednesday rolled around, things had melted to the point where travel became impossible for the layer of ice on every surface. For only the second time since we moved here in 2005, school was cancelled. Then came last night.

We could hear the roar before the wind actually arrived, sounding like a whole flock of jet planes were headed our way for some apocolyptic attack. Around Midnight a gust of wind hit the side of the house with a bang, waking up Bear and causing a bit of disruption. Fortunately Yukon and I had taken everything that was not nailed down and placed it either in the garage or backyard shed, so at least this time we didn't have to do any rescues at 90 mph. All but the debris from the second bathroom renovation, which was too heavy to move. It fortunately stayed put, and for that I am glad, because I am not sure the neighborhood would have appreciated a sink and toilet rolling down the street.

Just like the storm in October, the eaves rocked and shuddered, the windows bowed in, and the trees bent over themselves. And things melted. Boy, did they ever! I checked out the window downstairs (where I was hiding out with Bear trying to get him back to sleep) and saw sheets of water flying in the wind from the gutters.

No school again today; the wind still hasn't really quit, it just stops and starts. All the snow is gone from the streets and is rapidly decreasing in the yard. It is, in short, one big mess.

We are, however, going to brave the weather to get to Taekwondo. I have been indoors long enough.


Anonymous said...

Brrrrr! I can certainly relate to the housebound mania. We had our own little storm around Christmas. I liked hearing your schools cancelled so that I can give my friend a hard time for calling us wimps. :-)

I passed on your information to my friend in Anchorage. She might email you or stop by your blog. Thanks for the offer to welcome them!

dorothy said...

So...right now you are 75' warmer than us? -25 +wcill this morning. I don't relish the mud and slush you must be experiencing. Snow over mid-winter mud anyday!