Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: "It's Complicated"

If there were one phrase I could use to describe our family's journey since Wolf left us last spring, this would be it.

There has been little information I have wished to pass along these past few weeks, in part due to a recent trip to Portland, during which time Yukon stepped in to fulfill the role during two family therapy sessions. I will be honest, however, that I quite simply needed a break from Wolf and that which surrounds him.

While very well-orchestrated on my part in a credible attempt to make Christmas as positive as possible for all of us, December was nonetheless a bit stressful. A cancelled trip to Utah, explanations to family members and friends, the actual holiday itself, guests, blah, blah. Pretending "perfect" doesn't work. Anybody caring for someone can probably relate to my sentiments. Trying to keep up with expectations, I have discovered, is pointless.

Now that I am back and trying to catch myself up with my son's world, questions seem to prevail; inquiries that seem to have no answer as we ponder the present and the future for a young man whose childhood is nearing its peak with the real work of adulthood staring him square in the eye on the other side.

I met with a very wise person today who very succinctly reminded me, however, that no journey need ever be taken alone. Not his, not mine. That single step sure is a big one, though.

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dorothy said...

I'm here, your here, that makes two of us united in prayer over him. Which meets that simple requirement of "Whenever two or more of you...." satisfied. Not to even mention the crowd of others who love you all.