Sunday, January 4, 2009

We Keep Shivering

Argh. Still cold; really cold. Last night's low for Anchorage was somewhere in the
-35 range. I don't think it has been this cold since we moved here almost exactly three years ago. Thank goodness, as I am not sure if I would have adapted as well.
Interior Alaska (Fairbanks, Tok, Delta Junction, and around Denali National Park) are truly suffering; -50+ at night with a daytime high of only -25 or so.

Theoretically, any exposed skin freezes quickly, first burning, then becoming numb. Not so good if you are trying to talk with a numb chin (try to say 'numb chin' anyhow, huh?)

Jasper and I nonetheless went for a quick jog around the neighborhood today while the sun was still out and while I still had my courage. I dressed in about ten layers, added a balaclava and sunglasses (which promptly fogged up), outfitted the dog and away we went. The photo above clarifies just how cold it really is; after 25 minutes Jasper's nose had frost, and my balaclava was frozen to my face. Jasper had to get warm after that..

Bear and I are going down to Portland on Tuesday to visit with my sister and husband, and their new baby. I never thought I would be glad to get out of the snow and into the rain; you heard it here first.


dorothy said...

Nasty cold! We have only gotten into the -30 once since we moved here and I don't care to repeat it! My power steering fluid in the Saturn turned to the texture of whipped cream.

Have fun rehydrating in Portland ~ hug that baby for me!

Anonymous said...

Don't want you to think I am a crazy stalker or anything, but I just had to leave a comment on your site. :-)

I found your blog through Urban Servant and was reading and thinking at first that you were from Portland (Blazers, etc.) and then kept reading and realized you were/are visiting and from Alaska.

Well, we live in the Portland area AND we have good friends who just moved to Anchorage in November. It just seemed too much of a funny coincidence not to mention it.

Our friends lived in Siberia for ten years as missionaries so I am sure they feel right at home with the cold you were having. I remember her talking about having to cover up every part of your skin so you wouldn't get "burned". Oh, and my friend is a runner too.

Anyway, enough of the odd coincidences. It was nice to "meet" you.