Monday, January 19, 2009

It Used to be Winter Around Here

Somewhere in Alaska it is winter. Obviously not here in Anchorage, where daytime temperatures have hovered near 48, and the nightly "freeze" puts us somewhere in the 20's. Feels more like spring, except that it is darker than the depths of hell without snow.

With today a holiday for Yukon, we decided to get outdoors, rain or not, and hike a local trail popular with skiers and mountain bikers during the winter months. Only a scattering of snow was left on the actual trail tread, and icy puddles took careful navigating in some spots.

However, the weather did provide some bonus features; lots of sticks for Bear to pick up and use as guns, easy walking for the most part, even a moose sighting. Moose are very happy now, as they too have a bonus of good browse a few months early.

We also did our part per Barack Obama's "Day of Service" request. Armed with a trash bag, we picked up wrappers, old water bottles, and even a lost dog bootie along the trail.

Bear was sent to bed at 7 p.m. for giving us lip regarding pickiness over what we were having for dinner. No argument ensued, so I am assuming he was appropriately exhausted from our fun day. I love the outdoors, for so many reasons...

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