Friday, January 30, 2009

The World Knows About Us

Finally, the world knows that we are about to explode. Only a week or so late, but whatever.

My email inbox was flooded with forwarded links to everything from to nerdy scientific Web sites that I could not for the life of me understand.

But, the latest volcano verse: Redoubt is now blowing smoke (well steam, but doesn't smoke sound more appropriate?). The current level of alertness (Alaska Volcano Observatory's words) is still Orange. But, and this is a bit different, the Observatory folks are now saying that it is a mere matter of time. Okkkkaaaayyyy, so, when??

This is kind of like waiting for a baby.

Current ashfall predictions have moved the fall away from Anchorage, but, it all depends upon how high the explosion is to determine its trajectory, speed, etc.

It has been snowing hard all day, and I can only imagine the cement-like mixture that could result from a blizzard/ashfall at one time. Oy, better get out the extra strong shovels...

We, too, remain at some level of alertness. I am sure to your relief.

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