Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Orange Alert Readiness

Yukon sent the VA's Natural Disaster Readiness Standards via email this afternoon.
Apparently Mt. Redoubt is leaving no doubt about some sort of "volcanic event", whatever that means.

I took particular note of the "Prior to Eruption" standard that demanded that individuals "not go near volcanic eruption areas". Check and Roger on that.

We were also given instructions to fill containers with water. I am all out of plastic containers so I am using beer growlers (Fresh Beer/Fresh Water, it's all the same). I can all but guarantee that we have enough liquid to last more than the recommended three days...

Individuals and families were further commanded to use respirators and goggles during any ash fall to prevent any and all particles from coming in contact with the face. Bear did a fine job of modeling the procedure, should you be curious.

We are staying tuned to our NOAA Weather Radio for more updates, which we shall pass along if they are interesting enough.

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