Saturday, January 17, 2009

Got Some Time? Go Fishin'

It seems that there are few times of the year when true fishermen/women say that there isn't time to go fishing. We sure saw them today.

The Eagle River Lions Club sponsored a Kids Fishing Derby at Mirror Lake, about 20 miles east of Anchorage. Our friends invited us to accompany them on this venture, as none of us had really done too much ice fishing and were curious to test out both the sport and our children's ability to stay still over an icy hole for longer than 30 seconds.

We weren't at all sure the event was even going to happen with the recent increase in temperatures and loss of all of our snow. But apparently ice doesn't melt as fast as snow, so off we went. It was a good thing we took the Ford Explorer, as there was not one sedan, wagon, or otherwise fuel efficient vehicle to be found. This was obviously not the time to show up in your Volkswagen Jetta with the "Love Your Mother Earth" bumper sticker, if you get my drift.

Ice fishing poles are tiny little things (a bonus in my book), and little skill is required beyond not falling in the hole. The kids had fun at first peering down the watery depths. This lasted oh, say, a minute. Then Bear and his friend found it much more enjoyable to crack the thin layer of ice that had formed on the lake over the previously melted parts. In the end, no one caught any fish, but everyone had some laughs.

A worthwhile day, good friends, and cute kids.

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