Monday, February 23, 2009

Taaa Daaa: The Grand Launching of AKontheGO!

Welcome my fellow bloggers, lurkers, family and friends, to the unveiling of my newest writing adventure,!

After three years of living in and writing about our current state of residence, and answering questions about such, I decided to give in to the urging of my editor at Coast Magazine here in Anchorage (kudos to you, Justin, for such a grand design) and fill a needed gap.

People love visiting Alaska. Families love visiting Alaska. Kids love Alaska because we are wild, different, and have big animals to brag to their friends about back home. It can be difficult, however, to arrange the trip of a lifetime when weather, attractions, transportation, and even those animals don't exactly cooperate like at Disney World. We're a motley bunch, we Alaskans, and our vacation planning shows it. But by God, we love to show off our state.

In the interest of family vacation-harmony, do hit the
link here or at the right, now at the top of my Blog List, and check out all there is to do in the 49th state. Summer's coming, and I'm already dancing with glee at the fun we're going to have. Fishing, hiking, some gold panning, horseback riding, clamming, (so much to do, such a short season)......and some groovy pictures that will make you want to book your ticket today, the heck with economic crises.
Travel, baby, travel! Oh wait, someone else already coined something similar. No matter, we'll show you her, too.

A huge 'thank you' to those who have encouraged, pushed, and put up with my travel obsessions and deadlines. I will put you on the 'A' List for the local bear viewing. The repellant is complimentary.

What are you waiting for; get linking, and tell your friends to visit, too.

Travel on!

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