Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the Wolf Den: The Triple-Think Threat

This week is moving at light speed when I would rather it moved at dead slow. A big deadline, two blog posts, a book review, and the usual washing, packing, cooking to do before I leave Saturday night is threatening to consume me.

And then there are the "Triple-Thinks".

Coined for me by my advisor, mentor, friend, and pastor (who is admittedly formerly guilty of the same), the Triple-Think describes my method of problem-solving. Only it doesn't really solve anything, and usually succeeds only in distracting me.

I have spent most of my adult life, and all of Wolf's, needing to create not only a "Plan A" for every situation or occasion, but also a "Plan B", and sometimes a "Plan C" as well. Why? Oh geez, where do I start? I never knew if the situation was going to be too noisy, confusing, or chaotic that might cause Wolf to flitter off in his own direction and cause an argument, or worse. I had to have a backup or two in case we parents could not keep an eye on both children and someone needed to go home for not acting appropriate to the environment. Usually our outings included two cars just for this reason.

With only three full days in which to accomplish the many items on my mental agenda, I started weeks ago with my triple thinking and subsequent rationalizing.

"What if his face is still broken out? Do I see first the nurse, or the staff?" "Do his jeans fit? How can I get into his room to go through his clothes when no one is allowed back there?" "What do I do if he loses it in JC Penney, or a restaurant, for that matter?"

You can see where this is going. I should have been a strategist for the military.

I am going to take this trip as a lesson in what my friend calls "doing the dishes".
One really cannot do too many other things when cleaning dishes. I will take the lesson from this and be in the moment, the very instant at hand, and go from there.

If it is good, I'll take it. If not so good, I'll take that, too, toss it somewhwere and wait for the next minute. Sometimes that is the best way to get through the day.

I think I've said "do the dishes" to myself at least ten times today. Kind of catchy, isn't it?

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