Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update from the Wolf Den: Grace, Interrupted

There seems to be a lot of grace floating around in the cyber-blog world this week.

So where is mine? I wrote in that '25 Random Things About Me' Facebook note a while ago that I spend a portion of every day trying to figure out the meaning of the word 'Grace'. I have known a number of people named 'Grace', I have heard the term mentioned in the context of God and love and doing the right thing.

I had to look it up. Bear with me as I list what I found out.

"Kindness that we don't deserve"
"..for everyone, it is universal..."
" relational, a reflection of God's character"
"Grace is self-giving, unconditional, liberating love"

Oh boy. So if I am to live my life as the parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome, who always will face adversity, difficulty, and obscurity; if I am to provide support, clean laundry, and gift cards to Barnes and Noble, I must have grace.

I must give away the utter despair, anguish, and anger that has crippled us as a family and walk towards the open gate of healing and wholeness and transformation that ultimately will allow us to transition from "us against him" to "we're all in this together".

A lot to think about, a lot to work on.

Tough love.


Jeni said...

I have Grace and it's still a challange.

Oh wait that's not what you mean.


Hope your day is going well!

Battalion Chief said...


dorothy said...

Yeah - that about says it for all of us.