Friday, February 20, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: Debriefing

After four days of intense meetings that led to a therapist change and a new sense of Mission from all staff involved in Wolf's treatment, I am home. I attended the monthly care plan conference that reviews all treatment, education, progress or lack thereof. It was the first time I had been on the opposite side of one such meeting, having been the "reviewer" instead of the "reviewee". Another interesting aspect our journey with Wolf; this whole "I get it now" concept after 15 years in long-term-care.

I went directly from my last meeting with the very kind and extremely smart Director of Clinical Care, who orchestrated the new therapist switch and a new plan to get Wolf on the right track to going home, to the airport. Wolf was almost glad to be done, I think, although he was sad about my leaving for another few months. We worked hard; feelings were our main theme, and there was no escape from talking about and reminiscing on those six feelings that are a part of our every waking moment.

When asked how the visit went, I can honestly say that it was pretty darned good. "Two thumbs up" in my boys' terminology. I approached this visit differently, seeing Wolf through a new set of eyes, and although I heard some difficult things and witnessed some unsettling behavior, there is the underlying concept that this child is where he needs to be, doing what he needs to do.

As a parent looking into the inner workings of a school with outside views, I cannnot express enough once more my thanks and utter trust in their mission to help my son. I breathed Thank God's more than once on this trip.

Between the Team of Us, we'll give him every chance with every tool at our disposal. Of this I have no doubt.

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