Monday, February 16, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: On Site

Day two found Wolf and I exploring the intricate nature of clothing. Or, growing out of clothing, to be specific.

After almost seven months, a few extra inches of ankle is now visible, much to his adolescent embarrassment. This afternoon I spent some time in his room, emptying out the drawers of his dresser. Actually, nothing fit, from the inside out, if you know what I mean. Bad mom. I accumulated quite a pile, and the photo above is but half of it. The rest I donated back to CHYC for kids who don't have the resources to buy clothes.

Old Navy provided me with a sale and some "cool" clothes that won't cause any further humiliation. Wolf was quite pleased with his new swim trunks.

We spent a quiet evening together reading the funny papers, sharing school lasagna, and watching the latest Indiana Jones movie. The photo here shows Wolf enjoying a grapefruit while perusing the comics. He loves grapefruit; I was glad to be able to bring him one from our Farm Share box at home.

Tomorrow is a day of care planning meetings, goal-setting, and re-evaluating progress. Probably the heaviest of all days.

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