Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're Doing the Rondy

it's official; the family is truly Alaskan. Like Seattlites who will participate in local events in the pouring rain, claiming all one needs to enjoy the day is good raingear, folks in Alaska would likely say similar for celebrating Fur Rendezvous in the middle of winter.

Our day at the 74th annual Fur Rondy celebration began way too early with our departure for the Frostbite Footrace. At a distance of 2.5k or 5k, the Frosty is a testament to the hardiness of Alaskan runners who, despite a snowstorm pounding in their faces, trotted dilligently around downtown towards the Glacier Brewhouse, where a roaring fire and many pints of beer were waiting.

As costumes were encouraged, Bear dressed up in his Christmas play skunk get-up, and won many judges over with his cute mug. He managed once again to run the entire distance with us, and did a brief breakaway at the end to cross the finish line by himself and collect his "I did it!" medal, of which he is justifiably proud.

We joined some friends at the Brewhouse post-race for lunch and to view the Grand Parade passing by outside.

Right now the youngest runner is crashed on the couch. I am preparing to head outdoors yet again for a preview sleigh ride for some AKontheGO research. Somebody's gotta do it.

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